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Driver Aggressively Tailgates Multiple Cars, Ends with Epic Wreck

If you’ve spent your fair share of time on the roadways, there’s a good chance that you might have noticed a little bit of road rage unfolding at some point along the way, however, there are definitely different levels to the rage as not everybody rages the same.

Personally, we would be inclined to think that if you’re going to think about involving yourself in a situation like this, just don’t. Even though there might appear to be a situation in which you could “win,” even if you come out feeling like you bested somebody out there on the road, at the end of the day, nobody is a winner when it comes to this kind of encounter as everyone ends up acting like a couple of three-year-olds and raising their blood pressure in a best-case scenario.

Now, on the spectrum of road rage, not all people are created equal in their intensity. While some folks might just scream at the steering wheel or get a little bit angry, others will go all out, actually acting on that rage and sometimes even taking it upon themselves to get a little bit violent. We would say that this one falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, more toward that violent rage end but it doesn’t quite get all the way to the top. In any case, it’s quite the crazy set of circumstances for anyone who would involve themselves in here.

Apparently, the driver of this Ford was pretty upset about something as he took it upon himself to tailgate, within what would appear to be a few feet, of every other car on the road. Before long, he would even find himself cutting off an 18-wheeler that would appear to be filled with fuel and eventually, attempting to pass a car on the shoulder before ending up in the dirt and eventually losing control of the vehicle, at which point, it would veer all the way across the multiple lanes of traffic and go head-on with the wall.

Hopefully, the driver was alright but if there’s ever a case of bringing something on yourself, this is it.