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Driving Lessons Take A Turn For The Worse As Teen Driver Crashes

As the father of a soon-to-be sixteen year old, I can relate to this video. I feel I can also make some suggestions to this dad on what to do, and more importantly what not to do when taking his teenage daughter out to practice driving from now on.

While young Natalia is behind the wheel, I’m going to place much of the blame for this incident on the father. While I can appreciate wanting to get his daughter some experience behind the wheel, I feel this is one of the daughter’s very first experiences behind the wheel and I think a large open parking lot would have been much more suitable for a first-time driving lesson.

I would also suggest that dad make Natalia adjust her seat next time, as it seems she’s either more concerned with looking cool or she just didn’t bother adjusting the seat to fit her smaller size.

Finally, I feel like the father’s panicky reactions caused Natalia to panic, which is the last thing you want any driver doing, especially a rookie. I’ve seen it in helping my son learn to drive that a calm demeanor and very deliberate instructions, issued as far ahead of time as possible, help these young drivers plan out what’s to come a few moments ahead of time, which makes a world of difference. Instead, dad tells Natalia to turn only when it’s time to turn and when she seems to be headed toward a bit of a mishap, when calm, concise instruction would help more than screaming, he quite literally screams at the top of his lungs, causing his daughter to have her first official wreck just moments into this driving lesson.

Hopefully those of you out there with youngsters who are nearing sixteen can take some notes here and have a better plan in place for teaching your kids to drive. Whatever you do, don’t scream at them, as I can all but guarantee that’s going to end badly!



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