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Drone Designed to Be Launched Out of Cannon on Moving Vehicle

One of the areas that we can’t help but be interested is in drone technology. There are so many different areas where it can be implemented that it’s almost endless. The more creative folks get, the more we will see drones integrated into daily life from Agriculture to Amazon deliveries.

This time, we check out a drone that offers up something a little bit different than what we’re used to. From what we’ve gathered, the design is to be launched in crowded areas that might otherwise make the task difficult. It’s accomplished by making the drone bullet-shaped before it blooms like a flower in air and takes flight. We’re no engineers but the idea certainly has grabbed our interest.

The design has been described by the uploader, Daniel Pastor Moreno, as being helpful with “planetary exploration and aerial support for emergency teams.”

He continues to explain the upside of the drone, telling us that “The addition of a ballistic launch system imposes a deterministic path for the multirotor to prevent collisions with its environment, as well as increases the multirotor’s range of operation and allows deployment from an unsteady platform.”

Essentially, this means that it can help to take a drone where no drone has been before. In a chaotic area, launching a typical drone while on the move might not be possible. With a creation like this, though, it’s brought into the realm of possibility as it makes the change “from a ballistic launch configuration to a fully controllable flight configuration in midair after launch.”

To top it off, the design that launches from a three-inch barrel is 3D printable. We’re also informed that it has enough thrust to carry a “significant” payload. It can also be launched in conditions up to 50 mph.

What would you say is the best use of technology like this?