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Dropping a Car from a Crane… What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

In the world of the Slow Mo Guys, absolutely nothing is off limits. If you’re not too familiar with them, you might want to get acquainted because they are behind some of the coolest content that you’ll find on the web and it’s really no holds barred in terms of the different situations that the crew will hook up to give us new perspective on something in a way like you have never seen it before. By taking the situation and filming it with a high-speed camera, the guys are able to dissect situations at a rate the human eye would never be able to on its own.

This time, we’re checking out a situation where the victim just so happens to be an entire car! Instead of putting the machine in a real world situation, instead, this time, we take a walk on the wild side when the Chevrolet Cavalier is hoisted up in the air with a crane and before we know it, the car is just dangling up there as the guys drop it into a freefall to see exactly what it look like when the car makes contact with the ground that definitely isn’t going anywhere.


Normally, in a situation like this, you would just see the car crushed and watch the pieces go everywhere but thanks to the extreme slow-motion that’s thrown in the equation here, we’re able to see even more detail when a situation like this unfolds as piece by piece, every section of the car begins to fold in on itself, showing us just how this thing is engineered for a front end collision but with a little bit of a more exaggerated twist on things. It ends up being quite the sight to lock your brain into as you try to process it all as it unfolds right in front of your eyes.

After getting a minute to sink your teeth into this one, be sure to tell us what you think of how the display unfolded and on top of that, what you think would be cool to watch the Slow Mo Guys dissect next.