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Drunk Hit and Run Driver Gets Chased by a Caravan and Stopped!

Drinking and driving is probably one of the worst ideas that anybody could come up with. What’s even worse of an idea is attempting to run away from the police while intoxicated. Apparently, though, that’s not a page that everybody can get on at the same time. For one driver making their way down this Californian highway, they weren’t stopping for just about anything. Apparently, running into another vehicle or standing object, which is made apparent by the damage here, wasn’t enough. This driver had to continue down the highway. It’s clear that they had every intention of making it to their destination.

It seems like a couple of bystanders wanted to act as good Samaritans. One of them just so happened to pull out a camera and began to record. They provided a barricade as to not allow other drivers to put themselves in danger as the intoxicated driver surged forward. When this interesting caravan passed a police officer, these good Samaritans laid on their horns as to alert the officer that something was up. This is where the police cruiser got in on the chase. This isn’t where the chase would stop, though. This person was determined to, well, keep going. We would say that the driver was trying to get away but this chase is so slow that it really doesn’t look like it. In fact, we found ourselves asking what was going through the driver’s head multiple times.

By following along with the video below, we get to watch what’s described as a “Drunk hit and run driver,” being followed down the highway by a sort of small parade. This is certainly a situation that could’ve ended a lot worse. Luckily, it does look like this individual eventually decided to pull over and surrender, calling for an end to the circus.