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DTOR Boo Bash Bounty Hill – Rock Rods Episode 29

Rock rods as presented by the guys over at Busted Knuckle Videos is one of those series that really gets you up close and personal with adrenaline in its purest form as some of the craziest and most talented guys in the rock bouncing business get to it to showcase their rides and their skills all at once.

This time, the action takes us the Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park in Bedford, Kentucky for the annual Boo Bash Bounty Hill event that has over $17,000 on the line in prize money as some of the most talented in the game go at one another for the cash. The first place prize on the line is a whopping 10 grand!

Follow along with the crew as they hit the bounty hill hard with the aim of being able to earn the title of top dog for this climb. Check out the video below that showcases the action and brings you incredibly close to some of the best of the business. It almost feels like you can reach out and touch them!