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Duck X Productions No Mercy 9 Live Feed! Catch All The Action Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to the Greatest Show on Small Tires! That’s right, y’all, it’s time for yet another Duck X Productions event. You know them as Lights Out and No Mercy, but we know them as massive parties where some awesome racing breaks out!

Each fall, multi-time – because who can keep count? – promoter of the year Donald Long opens up the gates to South Georgia Motorsports Park to the most badass small tire racers on the planet, from Radial vs the World all the way to Open Comp, there will likely be over 400 cars on the property and tens of thousands of fans making the trek from around the world to the biggest little track east of the Mississippi.

If you live within 10 hours drive, or if you can afford the flight from wherever you live, I strongly encourage you to get on the road, or in the air, immediately and head that way. When I tell you that there’s so much more going on than what you see on the track, I’m not exaggerating. These are events that have to be experienced in person to truly grasp the true awesomeness of 5 days in balmy South Georgia.

However, if you just absolutely cannot make the trip, which I know a lot of you can’t for various reasons, you definitely want to know where to find the live feed. Long and his Duck X Productions team have joined forces with the awesome streaming team at Speed Video to bring all of the action right to your computer or phone, and even to your television if you have a streaming device or a smart TV.

Simply head over to SpeedVideo.com and click on the No Mercy 9 feed to catch hours upon hours of action. They’re live right now for testing and Radial vs the World has its first qualifying session later this evening. Smart viewers will just open it up in a dedicated tab or window and leave it open all weekend. Be sure to look for Alex Laughlin in the nasty blown Speed Society C6 ‘Vette, Randy aka Zebra, Mike and Andy around the starting line, and myself with camera in hand on the wall. We’ll be sure to wave to the cameras every now and then to let you guys know we’re thinking about you!