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Duck X Productions No Mercy 9 preview

When it comes to the thrilling world of small tire racing, there are two “main event” throwdowns that continually set the bar for rest of the races trying to keep up. Donald “Duck” Long and his team have built his tandem of events, Lights Out and No Mercy, into true destination events, often described as “Huge parties where some awesome racing breaks out”, and I have to say, that’s literally a perfect description.

Nowhere else in the realm of the racing community will you find more racers, tuners, and fans who plan their yearly vacation around a drag race, but if you ask around in the pits and the stands at either of Long’s events, both of which are held at South Georgia Motorsports Park, you’ll find a ton of people who’ve done just that, forgoing the beach or the mountains and opting instead to head to the small town of Adel, GA for tiresmoke and fellowship with their racecar brethren.

We’re just a few short weeks away from the 9th running of the fall event, No Mercy, and tickets are now available for purchase. General admission and limited VIP seats are available, so be sure to order soon to make sure you’re able to secure your spot at one of the biggest small tire races in the world.

You’ll find competitors vying for massive payouts in index classes and open comp, Outlaw 632, Ultra Street, DXP 235, Limited Drag Radial, Pro275, X275 and of course, the baddest small tire cars on the planet, Radial vs the World. Look for such heavy hitters as Mark “BDM” Micke, Stevie Fast, Dewayne Mills, and Shawn Ayers in Fletcher Cox’s wicked new ride to duke it out for the whopping $50K winner’s share of the purse.

The dates for the race are September 25th through the 30th with parking available starting on Saturday, September 22nd. Get there early, plan on staying late, and expect to have the time of your life, taking in the thrills and excitement that make each of Duck’s races so special.

Click here for a direct link to purchase tickets to No Mercy 9.