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DuckX to Put on “Radial vs World COVID-8” Race With Fastest 8 Door Car Field in History

As far as racing goes there are few promoters as wild and extravagant as Donald Long and the famed Duck X Productions. The latter is the company Long formed with his family and friends. Their two mainstay races include Lights Out and No Mercy.

However, in the last couple of years, Duck X has added another race. The “Sweet 16” race has been a home run swing. It has proven to be a massive hit for the Radial vs the World, x275, and now pro 275 racers that want to reset records and chase a massive payout. These classes wouldn’t previously see this kind of big money payday otherwise or receive their time in the limelight.

2020 was set to be the year to see cars in the 3.4x zone in Radial vs the World… Then it happened. A worldwide pandemic caused shutdowns across the world and all major sports were put on hold. Everything from the NBA, which was mid-season and getting ready for their playoffs, to the MLB were done for.

In our world, racing would be shut down as well. Duck X Productions had just wrapped up an amazing Lights Out event at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The future would remain uncertain, though.

Donald had already announced that he would be pushing back the date of Sweet 16 to October, one week before No Mercy. However, that wasn’t good enough for the famed promoter and resident Internet loud mouth. Therefore, he decided he was going to put together a new race at a new track.

Duck has already announced that Sweet 16 will be moving locations to Orlando. However, nobody expected him to announce another race. The latest concoction from the mind of Donald Long and the company will be the “Covid-8.”

Obviously, the race is named after the infectious virus that caused worldwide panic and shutdown. In this race, Long predicts the most competitive racing in the history of the aforementioned classes with every heavy hitter set to take part. In a similar fashion to Sweet 16, the cash payouts will be large. There will be no spectators and the only way to watch will be on a pay-per-view format.

With all the racers basically feeling like animals trapped in zoo cages with nothing to do for months, we can likely expect earth rotating runs and a competitive nature that we’ve not seen in racing for a while.


The best in the game hungrier than ever before and it’s time to throw all of these ingredients in the pressure cooker.