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Dude Built the FASTEST Street Legal Jet Ski in the World

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 7, 2021

While there are a lot of people out there asking “Why?” there are creators on YouTube asking “Why not?” For example. Driving a jet ski on a public roadway isn’t something that we think a whole variety of people would be thinking about. After all, this sort of vessel is built to operate in the water.

However, it seems as if one domino would fall that had a variety of others asking just how far they could take the concept.

This time, we check in with Bikes and Beards. While this YouTube creator isn’t the first to ever create a jet ski that you can drive on the street, it does claim to be one of the most impressive. By that, we mean that this machine boasts the titles of both the fastest and the biggest jet ski motorcycle in the world.

In the feature from Bikes and Beards, we get to see a variety of interesting tidbits about the creation. Not only do get to see a little bit about how such a concoction was put together in addition to watching a good amount of footage of the interesting and quirky ride make its way so many public roadways. We also get to see how exactly the police interact with such a strange machine.

Down in the video below, we end up getting treated to quite the spectacle. I’m not exactly sure if a creation like this is necessary for everybody but we get a good feeling that most folks will probably get a kick out of it.

Whether or not you’d want to hop behind the handlebars and go for a ride is an entirely different story. For me, sign me up! I’m sure that the comments that you’d get alone are worth the price of admission!


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