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Dude Turns Massive Boat Into a Hot Tub in Choppy Inlet

When it comes to battling the conditions at Haulover Inlet, you never really know what you’re going to get. Some days, it seems like those tides are a little bit rougher than others. Every once in a while, we check in with conditions that even the most experienced boat owners would have a tough time battling their way through.

On the other end of the spectrum, though, there are definitely a lot of boat owners who don’t have all that much experience, and things can be even more tumultuous for these individuals.

This time, we check in with what looks to be a pretty rough day out in the inlet. It was so rough, in fact, that it managed to take a rather sizable center console and turn it into a floating hot tub. It doesn’t even really look like the person behind the controls here really did all that badly at handling the conditions.

However, the waves of the inlet just simply proved to be a little bit too much to handle. Fortunately, it didn’t end up in the boat going down but let’s just say that the occupants certainly got a little bit wetter than they probably intended without getting into the water first to take a dip on purpose.

Down in the video below from Wavy Boats, we check in with the rough day that really comes to life. This video just goes to show that no matter how big the vessel, it seems like a crazy inlet situation like this might end up getting some of the people on board pretty wet. We know that this one didn’t feel all that good, either, as the boat was being tossed around in the waves as if it were some sort of a toy in a bathtub.


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