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DUI Suspect Drives Home With Victim’s Motorcycle in Front Bumper

We aren’t sure just how drunk you have to be to hit a motorcycle and continue to drive home with the bike still crammed in your vehicle’s front bumper, but this guy was clearly beyond that point, because he did just that.

The drunk driver, William Pruitt, was charged with DUI after officers found his Jeep parked in his driveway with a motorcycle still ominously tangled in his front bumper. At the time this aired, the motorcycle’s rider was in critical condition, and we aren’t sure if he survived the incident.

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The motorcycle riding coach interviewed by the news anchor had some great advice for all of us, whether we are on a bike or in a car: be aware of your surroundings because you never know what the other drivers are doing or thinking. They could be drunk, distracted, or just bad drivers and despite your best efforts, they can ruin your day, or much worse, in a heartbeat.


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