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SEMA Top 10 – #7 Dusold’s Twin Turbo Camaro

 Top 10 of SEMA 2015 – #7 Dusold’s Twin Turbo Camaro

Article By Lars Mapstead

SEMA 2015 is a place for show cars primarily, but if you go over to Optima’s Street Car Alley, there is a whole different breed of car. This is where the cars that will run in their Ultimate Street Car Invitational park. While these are all street cars, they are built to be extremely capable on the road course and autocross.

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The bridge between street & race cars is a narrow one. The street car definition becomes a little vague and Mike Dusold of Dusold Designs is becoming a pro at taking his car to the edge. He originally started racing the car when he had full Detroit Speed suspension and 1,000+ whp of twin turbo LS7 power. He did well in autocross events, but it wasn’t what he wanted it to be. Then started the tear down…

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He started building an entire tube chassis for the car to make it lighter and a true road racing competitor. Then he started installing the body panels, brakes, wheels, etc. to make it an actual car again. He got it together and started racing it, but the body and interior was definitely lacking. He got docked heavy points at the Optima events for the car not being complete with working headlights and all the stuff that is necessary for a street car.

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Starting a few weeks before SEMA, they decided to paint the car and make it look like a real street car. He got all of the lights and street car necessities going ahead of time, but he decided it was time for paint. He worked on the body to get all of the panels fitting to the level that Dusold Designs does their vehicles. Then he painted it in a super unique paint scheme that looks like it came right off of a WW2 fighter jet.

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It is no longer a total race car, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Although the sheep’s clothing is that of a WW2 fighter jet, but oh well. We dig what Mike has done with his ’67 and that is why it is our #7 pick for our favorite cars of SEMA. Maybe we’ll get a chance to learn what this twin turbo beast is really about sometime soon.