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“Dusty” R32 GTR is an Animal! Drag Race R35 GTR and Noble M12

If you hear somebody spit out the nameplate, “Nissan GT-R,” your mind probably immediately heads to the newest version of the car, picturing an R35. This is for good reason. We wouldn’t necessarily say that you’re brainwashed into this response but it comes kind of naturally when you see countless R35s completely kicking ass out there on the racing surfaces across the world and haven’t been exposed to much else in the states. In this one, however, we aren’t looking at an R35 but instead, something just a little bit older, a car that you probably aren’t too used to seeing if you live here in the United States.

Instead, the machine at hand is an R32 GT-R that goes by the name of Dusty. Unlike its name, this is actually a pretty clean machine. In fact, it’s so clean the the guys at That Racing Channel deemed it feature worthy as they charged up their cameras, got some empty memory cards, and went along for a ride to watch as the car went up against a couple of very formidable opponents in the aforementioned R35 and a Noble M12, a couple of cars that I don’t think too many people would have an issue with adding to their various collections.

Follow along with the video down below as Dusty absolutely stuns us, using the most of the power available to go out there and really pack a hefty punch, showing a couple of other cars that it really has the go fast parts to roll out! No matter if you’re a fan of imports, domestics, or some mix of the two, you definitely have to be able to appreciate a car like this that is so well put together and is out there giving a good fight to the opposition, serving its driver and the person in the passenger seat with an absolutely great time.

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