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Dyno Tested: Are Thinner Piston Rings Worth Horsepower?

Across pretty much every modifiable part within an engine, there will be people who have differing opinions on how exactly it should be modified to extract the maximum performance and if the modification is really worth all of the time and money invested in making sure that the engine is living up to its potential.

This time, the topic of discussion is none other than piston rings and deciding whether or not thinning out your rings is worth it in the potential for extra horsepower. Reducing friction, after all, is one of the most integral processes in not only helping to make more power, but also helping your engine to live a longer life.

Check out the video below as the guys over at Hot Rod really dig into an engine to determine just that. We’re not sure if something like this is for everyone but after about ten minutes or so, you’ll find out that these guys have really exercised the topic so that you can arm yourself with some good information when you go into making your decision.


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