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Dyno Run In A BADASS Barbie Power Wheel!

Dynoing Barbie Power Wheels

We’ve seen many impressive dyno pulls in the history of Speed Society, but this monster may just take the cake as the best one ever. It looks like this thing is modded to the moon with nitrous and all.

When team at DBR High Performance heads to the dyno, they mean nothing but business when they put this 2013 Barbie Ford Mustang on the rollers just to see how much power it lays down.

To be honest, we think that this thing is a bit intimidating. This mean ride most definitely is NOT for the faint of heart. It could just be too much to bear!

Lay eyes on this feat of performance in the video below! Be prepared, the ending of this one is almost too much to handle as the car breaks free of the straps and all insanity breaks loose!

You thought that Barbie vehicles were for little girls? Watch this video and have your mind blown!