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The E-Scooter We All Wish Was Available When We Were Kids

Somehow, it seems like, with each and every generation that passes, the toys get more complex. Sure, there is something very desirable about the nostalgia that comes along with the toys that were available when we were all kids. Each generation has a set of toys that is irreplaceable, in some sense. The memories with some of these contraptions really couldn’t have gotten any better. However, with all of the technology that we see these days, it leads one to wonder just what could’ve been possible with a mindset from a couple of decades ago.

This time, we check out a pretty neat toy designed for kids that adults might actually love too. Essentially, the concept known as “NASEKA” is a mini electric snowmobile. Not only is this thing built to get around but it’s also built to be more versatile than your average snowmobile as well. One of the first things we notice about the contraption is that it’s equipped with a rugged track on the back. This means that it’ll be able to grab traction even if there’s rain or snow on the ground. In addition, it’s also able to handle traditional services such as asphalt and gravel alike, not just the snow!

It keeps getting better, from there! Upon digging even deeper, we see a couple of different neat features that we absolutely have to dive into. For example, there is a front ski attachment that will completely transform this thing into an all-season beast when the conditions call for it. In addition, a complicated suspension, at least for this category of toy, will make sure that the rider has a smooth ride. All of this is powered by an 800-watt brushless motor with rechargeable lithium batteries. When all is said and done, it’s good for 7.5 mph with a 9-mile range when fully charged. Sure, the sweet nostalgia of getting around on peddle bikes might be good but this thing is too cool to deny!