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Easily Lower Your Car or Truck’s Interior Temperature and Noise with Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on May 25, 2022

Make cruising in your car or truck quieter and cooler in one easy install with Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit TM
A car or truck’s roof is a large entryway for heat and noise, allowing them to penetrate the vehicle’s interior space. Solar energy bombards the roof, heating it like any piece of metal
exposed to the sun. This heat is then transferred through the roof into the interior. Vehicles from the 1970s and older have thin headliners which do not have any heat-insulating

The headliner in newer vehicles provides marginal heat management. Installing the Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit adds a laver of heat and sound insulation between the headliner and the roof. At only 1/8-inch thick, Stealth TM Shield won’t cause fitment issues with the headliner and can handle up to 1,800 degrees F of constant heat. Part two of db headliner Kit’s protection is db Skin™ liquid sound damper. It applies easily with a normal paintbrush or roller, and it can even be applied with certain diphone feed spray guns when the directions included are followed thoroughly. b Skin effectively dampens the panel against vibration over a range of 10 to 40 KHz.

Combined with the Stealth Shield insulation, the result of installing the Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit is a significantly cooler and quieter interior to make our time behind the wheel more comfortable.
Heatshield Products has engineered and manufactured heat-barrier products for more than 35 years, serving the performance and racing industry with the highest quality products at
competitive prices. The company is family-owned and operated, and proudly makes its products in the USA.


This lightweight two-part kit is the ultimate way to keep your vehicle cool in those hot summer days. This headliner insulation kit keeps the car quiet and stops the sun from heating up the interior of your ride.

  • Forerunner technology, lightweight with superior sound damping
  • Won’t make your ride handle like a pig as it quiets noise and stops heat
  • Doesn’t raise your center of gravity like heavy stick-on sheets.
  • NOT included: Brush and adhesive not included. We recommend 3M super Trim Adhesive or Super 77 for the Stealth shield
  • Covers approximately 15 sq ft
  • Made in the USA
Practical Heat Shields That Vulnerable Cars Need In Summer

For more information, visit or contact Heatshield Products at 844-723-2665.

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