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East Coast vs West Coast RZR Style on Backdoor

There’s a pretty distinct difference in the styles of driving between UTV drivers from the East compared to those from the West, and in this video, our partners at Busted Knuckle have put together this tongue-in-cheek look at the contrasting styles.

As you can see, the west coat team that comes through first takes quite some time in traversing this section of Backdoor, carefully maneuvering through the ledges and boulders – or moving them out of the way if they feel so inclined – and easing their UTV along the way. Afterwards, the east coast team comes ripping through in about half the time, while both drivers stay in the UTV and they certainly didn’t remove any rocks from their path.

Of course, both ways get the job done, while one is faster and the other a bit easier on parts. Either way, it looked like both teams had fun and got to the finish line, which is what matters!