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Easy Tree Hack with Car Jack

When it comes to knocking over a tree, sometimes, it can be a little bit more complicated than it sounds. Sure, if you’re just cutting down that 10-foot-tall tree that’s been a hassle in your backyard, maybe it’s not such a big deal. However, if you’re in the woods, cutting down a massive tree like this, directing where it falls can be a big way to make sure that you’re safe. If it should just so happen to fall in the wrong direction, it could mean lots of damage, a good amount of injury, and possibly more so you want to make sure that you have this situation as controlled as possible.

Now, there are lots of specially built tools that could get the job done right but, if you’re not professional, odds are that you don’t have those tools and purchasing them would mean that they would just be found sitting in your garage for a long time. So, what happens if you want to knock over a tree and also don’t have the specialty tools get it done? Are there any tools that you might find in your own personal garage that could help you to get rid of that extra timber? This time, DIY expert, Wranglerstar, gives us a little bit of insight on how exactly you can use a car jack to knock over a tree and control where it falls.

Get to cutting down the video below with this demonstration that shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to knock over a tree of this magnitude. It might not be as clean as a professional job but, I would certainly say that it more than gets the job done. It’s amazing what you can do with simple tools if you throw a little bit of creativity in the mix to repurpose such machinery to make amazing happen.