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Edelbrock is Shutting Down its Headquarters That Was Founded in Torrance CA, 1938.

For as long as people have been modifying hot rods, it seems like the Edelbrock company has been offering aftermarket support. In fact, the idea dates all the way back to 1913. Vic Edelbrock Sr. was born in a small farming community and the Edelbrock name was displayed proudly on the family grocery store. When the store burnt down, Vic left school at 14 to support the family with his first job at an automotive repair shop.

As unfortunate as the event might have felt at the time, it would be the first snowflake to start the avalanche that would eventually become a worldwide phenomenon. By 1933, Vic had opened his first repair shop and the rest was history. Today, after handing over the family business to his son, the Edelbrock company designs, develops, and manufactures many parts for cars and motorcycles alike.

However, it seems as if 2020 was a rough year for everybody including Edelbrock. The company will be shutting down its headquarters in Torrance, California, impacting the 270 employees that work at the location. With its long-standing roots in Torrance since 1938, this comes as a shock to the automotive aftermarket performance community. Several articles do mention that the company does have facilities not too far away from its headquarters where employees may be relocated but the logistics of that have not been confirmed.

As of now, we aren’t exactly sure if this is going to lead to a change in the product line that we can expect from the company or if it may allude to downsizing or dissolving of the brand. Some insist that the move could have something to do with California’s over-regulation of companies over the years. Others insist that constantly evolving standards and expectations in the community are damaging for the aftermarket companies who are finding it harder to find space for their products.

It’s hard to say for sure what exactly is going on but it’s a story that we would recommend keeping an eye on.


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