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EKanoo Racing Lexus Sold – Coming to America via New Owner Daniel Pharris

Just last week, we brought you news that EKanoo Racing had broken the Pro Boost-legal elapsed time and speed world records while becoming the first car in the class to run below the 3.60 threshold. Driver Khalid Mohamed ripped off a ridiculous 3.592 at 219 MPH at the Bahrain Drag Racing Circuit’s third race of their brief but intense racing season to put himself and the EKanoo team atop the Pro Boost record books.

And, just as quickly as that pass ended, the car went up for sale. EKanoo himself is known for jumping from project to project, building a cars that set records and win races only to turn around and sell them and start on something else. That seems to be what has happened with the Lexus, and there’s good news for those of us here in the States who previously would have had no chance of seeing the car in action except on YouTube. Within moments of hearing that EKanoo had the car for sale, Missouri native Daniel Pharris snapped it up. Pharris has quite an extensive track record, having driven some of the baddest small tire cars in the world, including his own Radial vs the World Mustang and currently Andrew Alepa’s RvsW C7 Corvette. Both of those cars have been well into the 3 second zone at over 200 MPH, as has his own Pro Boost Mustang.

With the Lexus headed for the states, many of us will get to see it, starting at the Outlaws Street Car Reunion 5 in Bowling Green, KY this April, the car’s first scheduled US event. The OSCR, which is put on by Pharris’ friend and crew chief Tyler Crossnoe, is one of the biggest radial races in the country, but will also feature Pro Mods for the first time in 2018. With both RvsW and Pro Mods on the property, will we be seeing the Lexus on small tires or in Pro Mod? What about Pro Boost Mustang? I have a feeling both cars may make an appearance, one in Pro Mod trim and one set up for Radial vs the World! We’ll just have to wait until April 18-22 to find out!


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