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EKanoo resets the Import World Record 5.753 @ 249 MPH

With times in the quarter mile quickly approaching zero, we’re not really sure how much faster some of these cars can really go! This time, we check out yet another record that will really make your head spin because this thing is truly blazing down the track.

In this clip, we follow along with EKanoo Racing and their Toyota GT-86, that slays a quarter mile of racing surface in just 5.753-seconds at a wig splitting 249mph. With that, they become the fastest import to ever touch the quarter mile.

Thanks to this video, we’re able to follow along with the journey that takes the car from start to finish in under six seconds. The driver behind the wheel had to be feeling some serious G forces as this thing pounced its way off of the line and followed through in the back half.

Check out the video below that shows off the record run as the car digs even deeper. With the record making progress all the time, it leads one to wonder how deep this thing will go before it comes to a standstill.


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