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Eleanor Hero Car Sells at Mecum for $1 Million

If you were to consider the movie cars that really kicked off a generation of gearheads, the 1967 Eleanor Ford Mustang has to be ranked up there among the greats. If you consider yourself a car guy, then you know all about Eleanor.

Today, we’re granted a touch of nostalgia as the Hero car from Gone in 60 Seconds rolls onto the block at the May 18, 2013 edition of Mecum and brings the big bucks!

When all is said and done, the big screen icon pulls in an incredible $1-million, quite the monetary sacrifice to add a car to your collection.

Check out the video below that runs us through what makes this car so special and explains to us why it’s able to bring so much money on the auction block.

This is most definitely a prime example of a vehicle that any car fan, proponent of Ford or not, would love to have in their personal collection.

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