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Elon Musk Just Unveiled the Tesla Semi Truck and it’s Way Cooler than we Anticipated

If there is one person who we would definitely rank highly on a list of impressive people, it would probably be Elon Musk. It’s almost to the point where he has come out with so many creative and innovative solutions that we’re ready for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell us that we’re being Punk’d (Does that reference make me old?). Seriously though, this guy has gone above and beyond, creating all types of new and innovative, well, everything, from ground transportation to space transportation and a whole bunch of different ventures in between that really open up your eyes to the possibility of the human race when a great mind is put to work.

This time, the thing that we just so happen to be blown away by is none other than the Tesla semi truck, a truck that takes the Tesla model of innovating ground transportation for the average consumer and pretty much duplicates the scope of its amazingness to the commercial market, coming out with the full details of a truck that has been teased for some time now, a truck that really delivered on all that we thought it would be and more. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Musk, it’s that you can feel safe setting the bar high as he’ll probably still come through with flying colors. Not only is this machine as efficient as can possibly be for a tractor-trailer, especially when you consider what it is being compared to but it delivers a whole bunch of other features as well.

For starters, while it may take double the time to recharge as opposed to filling up with diesel, a whole 15 or so minute difference, it promises in the ballpark of 400 miles on a single charge on electric power. As if that wasn’t enough to completely blow everyone in attendance away, the truck also comes up with a plethora of other solutions that people who are familiar with the trucking industry will really appreciate. When you consider built-in safety features that will keep you in the same lane when you might be getting a little bit tired of driving or the lower center of gravity that will also help when it comes to things like cross winds, this thing really puts itself in a class of its own.

If you follow along in the video below, you will be set to dial in to all that the truck has to offer and what makes it so special. One of our personal favorite features is one that we don’t think too many people think about in a windshield that promises to be much more resistant to cracking. Again, things like the solid piece of upgraded glass might seem like a small feature to those who aren’t part of business but, when Musk informs us that the average trucker has to have his or her windshield replaced once a year and is otherwise inoperable when sporting a cracked windshield, it really comes into perspective as to how much a truck like this could really assist a trucker on regular basis.


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