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Employee Loses Job After Doing $74,000 in Damage to Bentley Rental

No matter what direction life is going, somehow, it always has this odd tendency of being able even itself out. This time, we tune in to get the scoop on a story that really shows off just that, putting us in the shoes of one individual that really is a pretty exaggerated example of how things can go from great to terrible in no time flat, really showing that you never truly have control over what’s about to come next. However, as to not be too bleak, this could also unfold in the opposite direction. You could be near rock-bottom and skyrocket to the top of the charts within a moments notice as well.

In this story, we get the rundown of the ultimate high to the ultimate low situation as told by Rob Ferretti. lt all starts with a man who was doing so well for his business and we would assume, making them so much money, that they decided to give him a Bentley as a rental car. Now, ripping around through the Hamptons in a car like this probably had to be a great feeling, especially knowing that he didn’t have to foot the bill for any of it. However, a quick encounter would take this great experience and flush it right on down the drain as one single moment would change is guy’s life forever, immediately knocking him off of cloud nine.

As it turned out, he ended up driving the Bentley exactly like a rental car, plowing through some standing water which would eventually lead to the car’s engine conking out. Now, because the insurance company found out that he knowingly did something like this, they decided to leave the fault in his court and he would soon be responsible to pay up on repairs that would eventually amount to $74,000. When his company found out about this, they would end up dumping him and leaving him without a job. If you tune into the video below, you’ll get the entire scoop on exactly what happened and perhaps learn little bit of something about what not to do behind the wheel of a rental, especially one with that kind of price tag.

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