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Entrepreneur Gets Creative, Starts Mobile Bowling Company to Combat COVID Guidelines

Entrepreneur Gets Creative, Starts Mobile Bowling Company to Combat COVID Guidelines

It’s pretty crazy how one day, we were living life according to plan and the next, the entire world ended up shifting on its axis. When COVID-19 struck, there wasn’t too much that anybody could do to get out of its way. Instead, we all have been left to adapt and live in a new world that none of us saw coming.

Literally, every aspect of our daily lives has changed. From the way that we work to the way that we eat, all sorts of different lifestyle changes have come about. For example, many who work in offices have since been sent home to work remotely. Even those who don’t work in offices have felt the impact as they can’t go out to dine in the way that they used to.

How exactly this will pan out in the long term is yet to be determined. However, it seems as if this period of time is definitely going to change the course of the future. Even when COVID is in the rearview, we would think that many folks are going to live a bit differently, anyway.

These widespread shutdowns are definitely catastrophic for some folks. However, there is a silver lining to be found somewhere as some individuals have innovated during this time. Instead of accepting things away that they are, some have evolved and found a new way to operate.

This time, we check in with one business owner who has decided to not take things sitting down. Instead, the company that goes by the name of “Luxury Strike Bowling” has tailored its operation to accommodate customers in a new way that’s likely safer than spending a night at a traditional bowling alley.

The business is based around the world’s first mobile bowling alley and lounge. Just because it’s more difficult to go out in public isn’t to say that you can’t bring the festivities to you.

People in the Detroit area can be treated to what the company calls “State of the art sound, media, and lighting specifically designed to create the exact ambiance our clients desire.”

The rig offers up two fully functional bowling lanes and a sky loft that allows up to 15 people.

The company does say that they’ve had a setback with an accident that caused damage to their facility but they’ll be back and taking bookings within a 30-mile radius of Southfield, MI, come March 2021.


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