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Epic Deep Snow Plow Removal – The Front Ends Of These Things Look Scary!

Growing up in the south, snow is something we see once a year, if that, in the winter. Not only does an inch or 2 of the fluffy white stuff fully close schools for several days and send us all to the store to buy up all the supplies needed for milk sandwiches, it wreaks complete havoc on the population’s ability to drive. We go from, generally speaking, a decent bunch behind the wheel to absolute idiots as soon as that first flake hits the ground.

As you may know, the south is very ill equipped to handle snow, with my home state of Alabama being among the least prepared for winter. I don’t think there’s a single snow plow on the state’s roster, and we only have a few salt trucks, which are generally only used to prepare the interstates and major thoroughfares. If you know anything at all about Alabama, you know the vast majority of us do not live on a highway, so it’s not uncommon at all for us to get snowed in for a day or three with only two to four inches of snow on the ground, an amount that wouldn’t even be noticed by those living in Wisconsin or Michigan.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the nation, where snow is the norm instead of a freak anomaly, they have a whole fleet of plows and blowers that clear nearly all of the roads in the state in a matter of course it seems. Some of these plows are what we see on TV and in movies all the time, a large blade on the front of a big truck that simply muscles the snow out of the way.

Alternatively, there are blowers, like the ones that suck up the snow and sling it high into the air and away from the road. While they accomplish the same goal, the blowers are much cooler to watch. This video features several of both styles in action, getting to work making the roads safe for travelers as quickly as possible.