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Ever Seen a bike Try To Do a Wheelie While Strapped Down To The Dyno?

This video combines two of our favorite things: badass motorcycles and dynos! Thanks to the insane power this bike is making, it almost combines another of our favorite things when the bike tries to do a wheelie!

With most motorcycles rolling off the assembly line with somewhere from 140-270 horsepower, a dyno that maxes out at 500 HP is certainly capable of handling what most bikes throw at it. That’s not the case with this radical bike, thanks to the turbocharger tucked neatly under the front edge of the bike, which combines with what is most likely a fully built engine to send well over 500 horsepower to the rear wheel at the far end of the stretched frame.

With so much power on tap, it’s hard to keep the bike in check, even with tie straps hooked to the frame just beneath the seat. As soon as the guy aboard the bike rolls into the throttle and the boost builds, the rear straps, due to being attached incorrectly, let the bike shift forward under power. As you can imagine, with any dyno pull, this is less than ideal and can be very dangerous.

The driver keeps trying to let the bike run up through the RPM’s and on the final pull, he rips into the throttle so hard that the bike actually tries to lift the front wheel. The rider quickly closes the throttle and keeps things under control, but it doesn’t look like they have any straps on the front of the bike at all, and with these horsepower levels at play, the bike needs to be strapped down front to back to keep it securely in place.

Now the question is, how do you dyno a bike with more horsepower than your dyno will hold? Do these guys take the bike to a car dyno and try it there, or will that work? These are serious questions that I honestly have no answers to, so if any of our readers out there have ever dyno’d a bike with more than 500 horsepower, how did you get accurate numbers?


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