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Ever Seen a Dragster on the Dyno?

When it comes to dialing in a car, the dyno can be very helpful, showing you lots of parameters and how that little tweak that you just made is either going in the right or wrong direction to achieve whatever goal is that you have in mind with your performance machine.

Now, normally, you’ll see normal sized cars and trucks going onto the machine to spin those rollers and indicate exactly what’s going on under the hood, spitting out a power number on the other side. This time, however, when we check in, the situation is just a little bit different.

Instead of just any old car, this time it’s a full-blown drag rail is hitting the rollers, requiring some special accommodations to make sure that the machine won’t slide away as it begins to accelerate and throw down what we’re sure is some serious power.

Check out the video down below that showcases the racing machine going to town with a little bit of a friendly helping hand from a forklift that holds the front end up so that the rear tires stay planted nice and firmly to attempt to spit out the most accurate results possible to give this team a little bit of insight moving forward.