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Ever Seen a Train Rolliong Down The Highway? This Isn’t Something You See Everyday..

When talking about all the different custom creations that people come up with, the scope is certainly far and wide when talking about what you can expect when somebody tells you that they built something. With enough creativity and the right tools, the possibilities are truly endless. With that in mind, sometimes, when you see something come to life in front of you, you can’t help but be in shock as the creation takes form, taking what was once just a vision in somebody’s mind and transforming it into the material world to either wow or confuse the heck out of people who see it. 

In this situation, I’m not really sure which of those categories this falls into, but it’s something that people will be amazed by nonetheless as we’re able to take a look at it. It would appear if somebody took the heart of a pickup truck or some other heavy chassis machine and simply started to pile different body parts on top of it, taking a vehicle that is essentially a train but instead of using tracks, would be able to make its way down the road on rubber.

If you follow along with the confusing creation down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what this truck concoction is all about and why someone found the need to pull out their phone and record it as a rolled past down the highway. After seeing something like this, I’m not quite sure what my reaction would be personally, I can’t help want to get up closer to this thing to see what it’s all about and how exactly the person behind it made the creation come to life. Perhaps, more importantly, we would even be able to ask them why!


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