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Ever Seen a Trophy Truck On The Dyno? This Thing is Mean!

We’ve seen all kinds of rides on dynos, from full completely stock cars to highly modified street cars to full-blown race cars and even gnarly diesel trucks, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this, until now. I’ll admit, I don’t know a whole lot about Trophy Trucks, but I’m pretty sure they all run “spec” engines, meaning the engines are all the same to keep any unfair advantages to a minimum and put the focus on driving to take home the win.

With that being the case, there’s not really much of a need to dyno them, unless you just have one and want to know what kind of power it makes. Sure, there’s probably some room for tweaking the fuel map to squeeze a little more power out of the engine without breaking the rules, but let’s be honest, whatever the justification, this is just plain cool to watch! The truck starts out just off idle and all is calm, but as soon as the driver romps on the throttle, the suspension goes to work doing what it does. Despite being strapped down, the most of the truck rises quite a bit as the engine churns out all it can muster and sends all the power to the rear wheels.

There aren’t any horsepower numbers revealed in the video, but I’ve heard trucks like this make around 800 HP so there’s quite a bit of power on tap of those numbers are to be believed, and after watching these things scream across the desert and listening to this one spinning up on the dyno, I believe they just might be close.

What kind of vehicle would you like to see on the dyno? Is there a dyno for Side by Side racing? What about some kind of dyno for boats? That could be even cooler than this trophy truck!