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Ever Thrown a Rod? How About Throwing a Block?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on December 14, 2016

Yes, you read that correctly! Tossing a rod or two – I’ve even seen engines with all 8 rods slung through the oil pan – is pretty common in the high horsepower world. This tractor puller takes engine failure to a whole different level when his engine lets go in spectacular fashion.

If you’re still reading and haven’t watched the clip yet, go ahead and crank up the sound before you watch it. The sound of this tractor spooling up before it launches into its pull is pure automotive music. Plus, you can actually hear the engine explode a few seconds after the driver goes full-throttle.

When the engine lets go, it does so in an very unique way: it actually split the block around the crankcase and tosses the upper half – including the heads and intake setup – out onto the dirt beside the tractor. Left behind in the engine bay is the bottom end of the block and rotating assembly, left bare for the world to see as the top end is completely gone. Adding insult to injury, the driver actually ran over the block, likely damaging the high-dollar rear tire on the tractor and causing the driver to be tossed around pretty violently.

We hate to see any hotrodder facing an expensive and lengthy repair process, but we have to admit having footage like this to kick off our Wednesday morning is pretty cool!


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