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Everything Wrong With The Fate of the Furious

As car fanatics, most of us find it enjoyable to go and sit down and watch the Fast and Furious movies. Even though they have gotten a little bit ridiculous in the franchise’s old age, it’s still pretty entertaining to go and see what they have to offer over and over again, in fact, maybe some of the inaccuracies of these movies are what makes them worth watching. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching one of these flicks and poking fun at one part or another that clearly was designed by somebody who really isn’t all that into the world of cars?

This time, the topic of discussion is Cinema Sins, a YouTube channel that takes it upon themselves to dive through some of our favorite Hollywood movies, including The Fate of the Furious, as we see here, telling us all about the little Easter eggs that you can find within a film that aren’t exactly accurate or just seem to be entirely too cliché to be featured in the movie at all. As you can imagine, any movie in and the Fast and Furious franchise is chock full of these tidbits as the movies tend to be a little bit overdramatic and way over-the-top as they attempt to draw you in with Hollywood theatrics and keep you entertained by keeping them coming regardless of if something logically make sense or not.

You’d better strap yourself in and get ready for this a nitrous pumping action because Cinema Sins is delivering on The Fate of the Furious movie, giving us their breakdown of everything that they picked apart with this film. Some of these you might’ve even been able to see yourself and others will have you going back to watch the movie again, keeping an eye out for these oddities that seem to pop out and really make a difference in the movie.