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Which Exotic Cars Are The Most Reliable? Collector Explains His Thoughts

When looking at exotic cars in the scheme of all automobiles, the market is pretty obscure. After all, exotic cars don’t really act like very many other cars in this manner. When purchasing one, it seems like there are a lot more features to consider that one would otherwise expect with a vehicle purchase. Some of them might come in hidden costs that could end up really biting the owner down the road at some point. Whether it’s a stark depreciation that will dwarf just about any other car or insane maintenance costs, these exotic waters can be murky.

Fortunately, there are a lot of good resources out there for those who are looking to make such a purchase. Before the internet, something like this might’ve been a little bit more challenging. However, these days, we can go straight to the web to hear from people who have done it. One man who has been through plenty of exotics is none other than Rob Ferretti. As an exotic car nut and owner of an exotic rental company, we would think that he’d be a good person to take advice from. As it turns out, with lots of experience, Rob certainly has some insightful tips and tricks to navigate this market with.

Some of the advice is more specific like avoiding certain brands or models. Other advice might be a little bit more general. For example, Rob tells us that if a situation seems like a magical good deal then it’s probably not. He continues that more often than not, exotic cars tend to be a little bit overpriced, in most situations. Arming oneself with knowledge is the best way to navigate said situations. Making sure that all your ducks are in a row before approaching exotics is probably the best policy. The first step to that is checking out the video below as Rob dives into more detail.