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WARNING: Never Try to Crush a GAS TORCH in a 500 Ton Hydraulic Press!

While the incredible viral trend of hydraulic pressing random objects into smithereens has cooled some, these guys are still out here crushing it, if you will pardon the terrible pun, making some pretty amazing videos of every day objects and substances being smooshed under the enormous pressure of a hydraulic press.

One of the original hydraulic press channels, The Crusher, is still creating some pretty insane videos like the one we have below, where he celebrated hitting 100,000 subscribers by crushing some Play Doh, some slime, and a small handheld torch. As you’d expect, the Play Doh just sort of squashed out the sides of the press, although the slime did form a bit of an unexpected attachment to the base, picking it up when the press was lifted.

Then things got serious when the torch was ignited and the press was activated. Almost immediately upon contact with the the press, the torch exploded into a beautiful wall of flames that enveloped the upper part of the press briefly. In slow motion, you can really see the flame detail and how quickly the fire spreads around the torch. A few moments later, with the fuel burned off, the flames went out and the fun was over. We can’t wait to see what these guys decide to crush next!