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Experiment Glowing 1000 degree Knife vs BMW M5

If you’re on social media or go to YouTube at all, you’ve almost certainly seen the latest trend in videos: Hot Knife Versus! YouTubers have struck gold by taking a glowing hot knife and slicing through, well… anything and everything.

This guy from the channel Vehicle Virgins takes the only logical step and takes his glowing knife to the already-busted rear bumper of this BMW M5. The results are not as spectacular as some other hot-knife videos, but are still pretty cool. As soon as the searing blade touches the bumper, the plastic ignites in flames while the blade melts effortlessly through the bumper. Our host reheats the blade a couple more times with the same results, flames and melting plastic on the blue Bimmer.

It’s almost mesmerizing how the knife just glides through the plastic, carving up the bumper and leaving chunks of it on the floor. If you haven’t seen these videos, a simple YouTube search will turn up hundreds of results, so check them out. Some of them are truly incredible!