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Exploring a $17m Abandoned Mob Boss Mansion With Cars and All!

When taking the time to consider the sheer volume of different places that are abandoned across the world, it’s mind-boggling. There are mansions, warehouses, and just about everything else that has been left behind to decay. Some these places could provide a great home for someone or lots of utility. However, for one reason or another, sometimes, they fall into oblivion. Perhaps the building isn’t structurally sound. Maybe somebody just has more money than they know what to do with. The fact remains, though, that there are lots of desirable structures out there that haven’t seen use in years. This time, we get the chance to take a look at an incredibly interesting one.

When falling deep into the section of YouTube where people like to explore, one might come across Kyle McGran’s YouTube channel. Essentially, the goal is to explore as many abandoned places as possible while catching it all on camera.

This time, we check out an incredibly interesting place that is claimed to have been owned by a mafia boss at one point. The uploader tells us the last time this thing sold, it went for almost $17 million. These days, it’s abandoned and hasn’t been touched in quite some time. When touring the house, we can definitely see how and why that money was spent. The reason that it’s been left behind, though, remains to be seen.

From top end fixtures to the Datsun in the garage, this place looks like it was just up and left one day with nothing taken along. For those picturing what a mob boss mansion would look like, we think that this is probably as close as one could come to embodying the cliché of that image. If the mob boss who owned this is reading this article, please spare us our lives! We don’t mean to make fun of you.

Extravagance is found every single direction that we turn and we can’t help but feel like we want to live in this place, no matter how gaudy it might be.