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Exploring Abandoned / Ghost Towns Route 66 With His Racecar!

As we make our way across the country, there is certainly a lot to see. Depending on what area one travels through, people simply have different ways of life. Life in the northeast, for example, isn’t going to really resemble that of daily living on the West Coast. However, it seems like the American way gives us the itch to explore it all. Understanding other people is a big part of making life whole.

One of the most famed areas in the country is that of Route 66. Commonly brought up in music and film, those who write about the highway seem to insist that it’s something worth seeing. Between the wide-open roads and desert sunsets, the highway is nothing if not a piece of pop culture history.

This time, we check in with a curious explorer who wanted to find out exactly if the hype was true. Therefore, on his way to Street Car Takeover in Arizona, Mitchell Stapleton aka Stapleton42 on YouTube made a couple of stops. Along the route, we find different artifacts that really appear to make the journey worth the time investment. From abandoned cars to old gas stations, there are really some aspects of the highway that are must-see. It might just make you want to take on such a journey for yourself.

They say that there’s something about just having a car (or truck in this case) and some open highway that is the most liberating feeling that there is. In this vlog video, Stapleton brings us along for that journey. When setting out on a journey like this, we’re sure that he didn’t know exactly what to expect.


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