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Exploring an Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle Hangar, Complete with Shuttle Itself

If there is one thing that really rings true in any sort of industry, it’s that you can really take a great thing, mismanage it, and run it directly into the ground or have some sort of outside factor, like political climate, take a good thing and destroy it. It appears as if something like that is coming into play here as we check out an abandoned Russian space shuttle hangar, complete with the shuttle itself, that’s too spooky to believe. It really seems like everyone was working here and one day, all of a sudden, they just left it all behind! To make things even more interesting, there are all sorts of mysterious people that the camera crew is trying to hide from as they sneak around inside of the old engineering facility.

The structure that we are viewing here appears to be the remnants of a Soviet space program located in Baikonur. Somewhere along the line, though all efforts went right out the door and left behind this towering location as a reminder of what was once possible but has since fallen by the wayside. As we tour the factory, we’re able to see all sorts of equipment, tools, and everything in between that was left behind. It’s pretty incredible they didn’t liquidate all of the machinery and parts that were left behind but I guess they just decided to cut their losses here as they saw the inevitable coming.

If you want to follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to walk through this eerie location that appears to have been working one day and dormant the next. It’s almost like a ghost town inside the space program’s doors that really shows you that nothing in this life is guaranteed. After being able to get the full scoop on this abandoned location, including a detailed tour that shows what once was, be sure to tell us what you think of this abandoned facility that really raises a lot of questions.