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Exploring an Abandoned Yacht is Just as Exciting as it Sounds!

Scattered throughout the world, there are certainly all sorts of abandoned treasures that have been lost or forgotten about but can be found once again! This time, we check in with a couple of explorers who are out and about on kayaks when they just so happen to run into one of those treasures and it certainly is a lot of fun to take a look at.

The structure in question this time just so happens to be a vintage yacht that seems to have drifted into the weeds at one point or another. Some conspirators in the comment section have come up with the idea that an insurance company might be interested to find something like this. The comments always think everything is insurance fraud but who knows?

In any case, we know that we were interested to take a look at it

When the explorer stepped aboard the vessel, it almost takes us into another era. This is certainly a vessel that’s pretty old and has been dated quite a bit. If that wasn’t obvious by the condition, some of the equipment onboard can definitely back that up. However, back in its day, we’re sure that this vessel was put to great use and certainly was loved.

These days, though, there is peeling paint absolutely everywhere and most of what was once onboard has been stripped and removed besides a couple of beat-up electronics. It’s unclear if the boat was stripped before it was left here or if opportunistic looters made off with all the electronics aboard the boat. In any case, it’s pretty interesting to board the time capsule to see exactly what a boat might look like after it has been sitting in the harshest elements for what appears to be a pretty long time.


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