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Extreme Road Rage Caught on Camera

Next time that you’re thinking of flicking the bird at the driver that just cut you off, you may want to check out this video that showcases a variety of road ragers that simply take the concept of anger beyond too far to the point where criminal actions most certainly occurred.

We’re in no way implying that the victims here were at fault but when you see maniacs like this in motion, you may just be a little bit more inclined to tuck away your pride and realize that your bout of road rage isn’t really worth it in a situation that you’ll probably forget about by tomorrow anyway.

Normally in a road rage situation, both drivers will exchange a few choice words/signs and be on their way. In this compilation of clips, though, we check out everything from a police impersonator to folks who have just simply seemed to lose their marbles out there on the roadway.

Check out the video below as these crazy people go off, taking it upon themselves to gain revenge in what look to be the most physical means of road rage possible. Situations like these are pure craziness and really make you wonder how some of these aggressors even got their licenses in the first place.