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Extremely Powerful MS 880 Magnum Chainsaw Dominates an Enormous Oak Log

If you take one look at a giant tree trunk like the one pictured here, you’d probably imagine that it would take multiple men and probably a variety of saws to chop their way through this one. Perhaps some heavy machinery is necessary and it can’t be done by hand at all! Not so fast, though.

This time, we check out a piece of equipment that would allow one single man to go head-to-head with an enormous log. Thanks to the MS 880 Magnum chainsaw, a single person is able to go up against the enormous piece of oak and slice through it as if it were nothing.

It’s quite amazing to watch as the wheels and deals its way through many feet of wood, creating a nice, crisp, and smooth cut when all is said and done. When wielding this thing, there aren’t too many pieces of timber out there that a one man operation would fail to dominate.

Check out the video below as this mega saw gets to work and shows off exactly what it’s capable of. When this killer machine fires up, you never know what is about to get sliced into next


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