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F-16 Full Afterburner From 10 Feet Away!

Just when you thought that you had that little thing called physics out, into your sight blasts a fighter jet that can do everything in its power to defy gravity. This thing is engineered for greatness so that it can slice through the sky with reckless abandon, having its way with gravity as it zips around in the atmosphere, contorting in just about every way that you could possibly imagine! These machines were built with one purpose in mind, that purpose being to effortlessly make their way through the sky to provide the most efficient ride possible!

Seriously, watching this insanely expensive F-16 do loops and suspend itself in midair is a sight that takes a moment for the brain to process. In this version of F-16 experience, however, we’re checking out how impressive the plane can be all without even moving. That’s right, this thing is able to be incredibly cool as it fires up that afterburner on the ground and doesn’t budge a single inch. I’m not sure if I would stand that close to something like this as our brave camera person here did, though!

Witness the annihilation of sanity for yourself in the video below and tell us what you think of this blazing aircraft showing off its pure dominance without even moving. There aren’t too many machines in the world that could grab your attention and make you want to see more all without finding their way to creep a couple of inches. Personally, I could kick back and watch these things go to work all day!

After watching something like this, you just can’t help but want to see more. We’re almost craving a YouTube search session that’ll take us through every last facet that an incredibly engineered vessel like this one has to offer.


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