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F1 Inspired, Honda Powered Model A Hot Rod Rips Gnarly Donuts

When it comes to an engine swap, there are a lot of reasons why somebody might partake. Perhaps, by putting an engine that is from a different application into the vehicle of their choosing, they’re looking for the most performance per dollar that they can possibly get. Other times, maybe somebody is looking for efficiency and would like to use their vehicle for towing or you might even stumble across somebody who wants to just be different and create something that they can say is all their own, a vehicle that’s a unique thought and comes to life in a form that hasn’t been accomplished by anybody else before.

Just by reading the title of this one, I think that you can tell where this application is headed. When you step into the garage that calls itself the home to a Ford Model A, you’ll begin to experience something unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. Obviously, the Model A is a vehicle that has absolutely no modern technology behind it and has fallen into the realm of the archaic. However, for this enthusiast, he decided he wanted to mix things up a little bit to such an extent that Henry Ford himself might not even recognize his own creation.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the Model A that is adorned by a Honda engine, with S2000 power to be a little bit more specific. Perhaps, the best part of this machine that looks like it could steal just about any show is that, even after all of the hard work to make it look so great, the person behind the wheel here still chooses to drive it like he stole it! We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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