Have a Factory Supercharged Car? Modding That Supercharger is a MUST

There’s nothing like watching a crazy build come together. As we dive into the ...

There’s nothing like watching a crazy build come together. As we dive into the third episode of season 5 of Beyond the Build, the finished product that is our 1100 hp Redeye giveaway starts to take shape. Even though the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye started off as a strong performer, there are quite a few details that need to be paid strict attention to in order to really make it stand out from the pack.

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This time, Brenton Brown from Forza Tuning and Performance joins us yet again to bring you the latest on the build.

One thing that we love about Brenton’s presentation is that he does a crazy good job of explaining things. Not only does he explain the function of each part but really breaks down why it makes sense to install this particular variation and where it fits in the landscape. These videos serve not only as an inside peek at what’s happening with our giveaway car. We think that they could also serve to deliver a little bit of technical knowledge for those looking to brush up on their skills as well.

In this episode, we get to see some of the parts finally installed where the stock components have been removed. Included on the mod list this time, we add a Gates belt, Kennee Bell boost-a-pump, Jokerz performance supercharger, Injector Connection fuel injectors, Griptec pulley, and a Forza catch can.

While some of these modifications might seem simple, they can really pack a big punch. Each and every piece of the puzzle is integral when making sure that the final product is a certified stunner!

By following along with the video below, we get to watch the combination come together and learn a little bit about why exactly modding the supercharger was a must. As we inch closer and closer to the finish line, we can feel the adrenaline building in our veins. It’s almost time to take this bad boy for a spin to show off what that 1100 hp can do for you.

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