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Fake Ambulance, Complete with Workers and a Patient Smuggles $2.1b in Drugs into UK

Sometimes, when you’re scrolling through the trending stories in the news, you really have to stop for minute, maybe blink a couple of times and tap yourself in the head to make sure that you’re awake and not viewing something that’s a Hollywood action movie. It might not be all that common but the phenomenon does happen were something that’s so incredibly far-fetched that almost seems like it’s scripted comes to life in the news, making you wonder exactly what people are up to that would make them do this kind of thing.

In this one, we definitely tune into just that situation as a couple of guys who were looking to smuggle some drugs got really creative with the matter, taking the liberty of putting together a special effects sequence of their very own as they brought a whole bunch of props in on this theatrical display. I guess that, at the end of the day, maybe they did have a future in Hollywood because these guys went through with the act to such an extent as to fool everyone, managing to get over $2.1 billion in drugs into the UK as they would go straight through the border without any issue.

You see, these guys went all out. Not only did they bring an ambulance into the mix in order to stash their drugs in and to help them hide in plain sight but they also brought an entire fake paramedic crew, including a patient to the act, trying to make this thing as believable as possible. I guess that when you’re hauling enough drugs for them to pretty much lock you up for eternity, you break out all the stops to try make sure that you don’t get caught up in the act. The video below will shell out all The details, telling you exactly how these guys managed to skate under the radar for so long and when it came down to it, what would eventually end up doing them in.