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Fake DIY Projects Exposed, and How a Real Generator Works

As you find your way around the Internet, you’ll find tons of DIY projects. It’s these videos that are designed to help you out with little projects for yourself. Instead of heading out and paying someone a lot of money to do something or buying a product that you could simply make with things laying around the house, these videos help you to save both time and money. Some of them can be incredibly useful, however, there is also a group of opportunistic folks out there who don’t really care about delivering you quality information to earn their money. Instead, their goal is to make really flashy videos that promise wild things that they truly can’t deliver on in order to make a quick buck.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with people making informative videos to make some money, however, when you start lying just to gain views, it really starts to break down credibility for those that are out there actually trying to inform people and make a living off of their knowledge. I guess that you should do a little bit of research before trying out just about anything that you find online but, on the other hand, these DIY scammers really need to just knock it off! I guess that where there’s an audience, there is someone to make the content, even if it isn’t the most honest content on the web.

Check out the video down below as this YouTuber takes it upon himself to expose some of the fake DIY videos that you might come across out there. In addition, he really breaks down one of these fake DIYs for a generator that would never work by explaining to us exactly how a real generator works. After watching this video for yourself, perhaps you can tell us of some other times when you saw a DIY that seemed to be real but simply had no merit behind it to back it up.


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