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Fancy New Tailgate Design? Ram vs GMC vs Ford vs Honda

As the next generation of trucks is coming around strong, it seems like automakers are really stepping their game up. Not only are the folks who are responsible for these trucks making them nothing short of luxury machines but they’re also pumping up the functionality. After all, We can gawk over all the impressive luxuries inside of these trucks but most people aren’t buying them for just that facet. The most important part of a pickup truck is its functionality. This is exactly why people are drawn to the segment in the first place.

In this one, we take a look at some of the fancy new tailgate options that are found across the truck market. Whether it’s Ford, Ram, GMC, or Honda, all of these tailgates are packing quite a punch. Between the three, we see a sprinkling of some features that are shared and others that are unique to each brand. Whether it’s an extra step, a tailgate that opens like a barn door as well as the traditional tailgate or even a piece that transforms, opening in several different ways for new functionality, someone is thinking outside the box with these developments.

By following along with the video below, we get to dive into exactly what is being offered up on the pickup truck market these days. Seeing different intricate designs like these really gets is excited about what the future might hold. Sure, some of these things might end up being gimmicky in the long run but other designs might find a way to become a staple of the truck community. We never really know what’s going to stick around and what won’t but we do know that seeing everything new is a world of excitement. It leads us to wonder what they will come up with next.



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