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Farmtruck And Azn “Pop the Hood on The Farmboat, Then Hit the Water and Go Racing!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on March 25, 2022

Over the first season of Farmtruck and AZN‘s self-titled Street Outlaws spinoff show, we have seen some pretty wild creations come to life. While all of these different contraptions showcase that there are no mechanical limits aside from the ones set in your head, there is one build, in particular, that seems to have drawn the most attention.

Right from the get-go, the likes of the Farmboat seem managed to take over the internet, going viral to the point where a variety of local news stations even picked up the story.

The machine, on its surface, kind of looks like the OG Chevrolet C10 Farmtruck that can be seen on Street Outlaws. However, as it has been planted atop a set of pontoons, let’s just say the things are a little bit different.

The machine designed to be an oddball feature a V8 and a helping hand from some nitrous bottles. With that, we have ourselves what might just be the most unique boat to ever hit the water.

This time, we get to ride along as team FNA takes it upon themselves to do a little bit of racing in the boat to see what they can make happen. In this particular video, we get to watch as the Farmboat gets into a little tangle with what looks like a purpose-built race vessel.


Even with its nitrous-aided V8, the crew behind Farmboat seems to be a little bit apprehensive that the machine will be able to hang with bonafide racing boats. However, Farmtruck and AZN are certainly not backing down from a little bit of a battle out on the open water.

Down in the video below, we check in with this incredible machine as it throws a little bit of wake and sees how it stacks up against some stout competition. Water-bound drag racing might just be one of our new favorite sports!


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